Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Truth of Vengeance - Update

The first edit completed and returned for review. Good news its finally coming together. I have commissioned someone to do the cover art and have finished the book description.

 I will do a sample chapter and book cover reveal soon, once the book is near completion.

In the meantime, here is the book description:

"On the run from the Hunters after taking his deadly revenge on Barry, V must adapt to the truth. He is no longer the innocent little boy, Jon Harper, but a hybrid human-vampire, a killer.

He craves answers about vampires and why he was betrayed by the ones he loved.  Another vampire, Cassius, holds the truth about vampires and they arrange to meet.

The truth that he discovers is far more unreal than he expected, setting him off on a journey to uncover the whole story. He must unravel what really happened in England in order to make sense of the dark path he chose. Everyone and everything isn't as it seems.
Thorn and the vampires are even stranger than he thought."

Friday 1 May 2015


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