Tuesday 4 July 2023

AI Character Art

As an experiment, I took the description of a character from my book and ran it through a few AI art portals. The results were varied and I was surprised about the differences.

Here is the book descriptions for one of the main characters - a scene from "The Birth of Vengeance", which is currently FREE.

A young woman in her late twenties walked back and forth across the room, dropping her eyes to the floor and passing either side of a bare wooden chair positioned in front of the mirror. As she walked, her boot heels tapped across the exposed wooden floorboards, and her long tousled raven hair bounced up and down on the shoulder straps of her figure-hugging white vest top. The light reflected off her tight, black, shiny combat trousers as she paced up and down like a captive animal wearing a groove in the floor. Her body, hugged by the tight-fitting clothes, held the perfect balance of curves across her tall, athletic frame. I stood frozen to the spot as I looked at my fantasy woman, and an instant blaze of desire swept through me.

“Hi,” I said and waved pathetically to her, unsure what else to do.

She stopped and looked up at me. She looked sad; her face ashen and drooped, and her shoulders slumped forward. As our eyes met, her body straightened and pushed upright and firm, and her face came alive. Her features appeared flawless and well defined, creating perfect symmetry. Her bright sky blue eyes sparkled, and a small smile lifted her face, and her gaze penetrated straight through the glass and burned into my eyes and into my soul. I became transfixed, and I stared back at her without embarrassment. The surrounding noises faded away, and my vision of everything else blackened. My sight could only cope with the gorgeous vision of her as her presence dominated everything else, pushing it to the edges of my senses.

Her raven hair flowed backwards as if it had a life of its own. Her lips darken to a deep bloodied red, and her cheeks became flushed with colour. She emitted a brooding intensity that poured out as a mist, swirling around in the air and filling up the space between us. The mist built up against the glass, pushing against it, trying to find a way through.

The glass bulged against the mist seeping through the invisible spaces in the atoms; it cascading through like a waterfall and forming a pool lapping around my feet. It built up layer by layer, getting higher and higher, encircling and enveloping me. The hairs on my body rose as the hot mist formed ghostly tentacles, which grasped at my torso, arms and legs. Small shivers sparked up my back and into the pleasure sensors in my mind. The mist twisted into my nose, and its musky smell triggered a chemical reaction that engulfed my senses. I abandoned myself control, and desire swept through me. I burned up with pleasure and a desire to embrace her, no matter the consequences.

I realized I couldn't run this all through the AI. The description happens within the action of the scene, so I took the main character points.

Woman with tousled raven hair. Sad pale face. Sky blue eyes. Blood red lips. Athletic frame but curvy. She wore shiny black combat trousers and white vest top. Black high heel boots.Swirling mist. In a bright white room.

However, I discovered the description need to be more direct. I changed out certain words. I went from blood red lips to just red lips as I got blood marks over the character. Raven hair to dark hair. 

Woman with tousled dark hair. Sad pale face. Sky blue eyes. Red lips. Athletic frame but curvy. She wore shiny black combat trousers and white vest top. Black high heel boots.Swirling mist. In a bright white room.

The word curvy got difference results from each platform.

The best two platforms were AI Art Generator and Gencraft

But here are the results:-

Swapped around the colour of the trousers and vest

Photo Realistic

This one went to town on curvy

Red added to the hair - a comic template
I liked this one as well. Very accurate to the description

One of my favourites.

Anime template but gave her red highlights

 Anime template 2 - another close fit

Street wear template - added in the red to the hair

Game template

So, my advice. Make sure the description is clear. No fancy terms.
Try different sites and different templates as the answers will be different.
Build and tweak the description.

A number of sites offer a number of free credits or tests per day.