Monday 21 February 2022

The War of Vengeance

 The last book in the Vampire Formula series was released in Friday 18th February 2022.

Product Description

Bramel frees Cyrus and forms an unholy alliance, forcing V and Thorn to seek the powerful Dragan Twins.

Both sides draw together their most powerful allies and draw up their battle strategies.
The Dragans and MI5-S must work together, as war against the Turned and Hunters is inevitable.

V (Jon Harper) needs to complete his training and fully transform into a Dragan if he is to fight Cyrus and Bramel again and survive.

Only the heat of battle can decide the future and reveal the past.

Final book in the Vampire Formula series.

In the explosive last book, everyone is gathered together for the final battle.

Friday 4 February 2022

Final upload - The War of Vengeance


Final version of Vampire Formula Book 4 – The War of Vengeance- up loaded today.

12 years since I started writing the first book in the series. But now the series is complete.