Sunday 20 September 2015

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Thursday 10 September 2015

Jon Snow Theory - SPOILERS

Jon Snow is Dead. Deader than dead thing. He will never be Jon Snow again.
For this I am certain and so it seems is everyone else involved in the TV show.

So Long live Jon Stark ... Jon Targaryen... Azor Ahai... The Prince that was promised.. Jon fire/Dragon

I believe he will come back as another person, or a newly named person with his true identity being revealed. Jon Snow is Dead, but a re-born Jon is going to be with us.

So why  I am sure he will come back.

I can't believe the amount of story time in the books and TV to this one character will ultimately end with his death before the resolution of the greater story. Argh you may say, Robb Stark died, catalyn died.

Yes they did, but Lady Stoneheart returned. And Robb Stark may have been given a lot of screen time in the TV show, but in the books his story is more often second hand through other peoples eyes.

Now in the next books and series it seems we may finally get the big reveal that Jon Snow's dad is actually Rhaegar Targaryen. and mother Lyanna Stark. Why create all this back story and reveal his true parentage if he is dead and is staying dead. You wouldn't, It would be the biggest anti climax ever. Yes he is a royal birth but he is dead.

So how does he come back?
I think the night watch burn him, as they would be worried about him coming back as a white walker.
As Daenerys said, flames can't hurt a true dragon. In the flames he will be re-born, just as the dragons were hatched.

I believe he will come back as Jon Targaryen or Jon Fire or Flame (i.e. the bastard son of a Targaryen- I can't find any reference for a name)

But consider, a Stark and Targaryen parentage Jon Snow to Jon Fire. A song of Ice and Fire. His song will be his journey, his life of Ice - his name of Snow and his life on the wall. His re-birth as Jon fire/flame/dragon, his journey of Fire maybe with a dragon.

'The prince that was promised' has a song of ice and fire.
It is clear Rhaegar Targaryen believe it is his destiny to have a son who is the 'The prince that was promised'. Is this why he takes Lynna as she represents the ice?

Most of the signs point to Daenerys as Azor Ahai - born with smoke and salt.
In the books it isn't clear if Azor Ahai and 'The prince that was promised' are the same or two people. Some believe it is the same, but prophecies are open to interpretation. I think they are two different people as the prophecies fit each of them but doesn't work as one person.

So my prediction is Jon Snow is re-born as 'The Prince that was promised' through his song of ice and fire. This is why the King of the White Walkers reacts they way he does.

Only April will tell. It could be that Rhaegar Targaryen. and Lyanna Stark, did fall in love and had a secret marriage. This would make him the true Heir to the Iron Throne.

Book Review: A Time to Draft and a Time to Craft: Twelve Templates to Turn a Timeless Sentence

This review is from: 
A Time to Draft and a Time to Craft: Twelve Templates to Turn a Timeless Sentence (Kindle Edition)

This is the book I wish I had when I first started writing. Some many books go into grammar, but not many show you the variation of sentence structures.

Simple grammar descriptions don't explain the variety of sentences that are possible. This book shows the variety, its shows you with plenty of useful examples - both invented and from classic and modern literature. Seeing how the classic authors write using the sentence templates, gives an great insight as to why you can use the more complex forms and how to use them. It allows you to see the usefulness and perfect flow of how Shakespeare created his classics.

The book also expels some myths of sentence structure like starting a sentence with a conjunction, if the bible is allowed to do it then why not everyone else. I liked the examples of a sub clause starting a sentence rather than ending. Along with the examples there are plenty of exercises to practice, which I mean to re-visit again in order to lay the foundation of better writing.

Although the subject is a dry subject, the book goes at a good pace to keep you working through. It is referenced well if you ever wish to return.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Friday 26 June 2015

The Truth of Vengeance - Vampire Formula #2

Click on the links below to find it on the web.

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Sample Chapter

Book Description:

On the run and in the shadows, the life of a killer is bleak indeed. Jon Harper is no more, and the soulless shadow he has become lingers in the darkness, craving solace and answers.

In order to make sense of his past and the creature he has become, V must seek out another vampire, Cassius. With his dangerous lover and sole companion, Thorn, by his side, V must venture into the unknown in an attempt to make sense of his actions.

So what is the truth behind vampires? What is the purpose of this dark, strange and destructive creature V has become? Will the truth set him free—or is his salvation shrouded in shadow as well?

Dive back into the heart of darkness in P.A. Ross’ dark fantasy series Vampire Formula in this all new thrilling sequel that will leave you thirsty for more. Embrace the darkness and grab your copy of The Truth of Vengeance today!

Wednesday 17 June 2015

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Tuesday 9 June 2015

Double book giveaway competition bonanza.

To celebrate the release of my new book.

“The Truth of Vengeance (Vampire Formula Book#2)” available for pre-order release date 15th July

I am running a competition.

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Monday 8 June 2015

Sample Chapter - The Truth of Vengeance

The Truth of Vengeance - Vampire Formula #2

available on pre-order for release date of 15th July 2015

Chapter 1

“Christopher, Chris, come over... Chris!”
I sat in the red leather booth at the back of the bar sipping a cold beer and ignoring the shouting. On the walls were wooden panels that gave the bar a mock hunting lodge style, with old black and white pictures of the first settlers in stiffened poses. Nailed to the walls, were old wooden style skis, ski poles, and an old sledge giving an insight into times past. Sat at the tables in front, two couples crowded around enjoying drinks and a plate of nachos as they re-told tales of their day’s skiing; the crashes, arguments, speeds and fears. A dark haired man in a thick red fleece retold the tale of his crash, and how his girlfriend, the blonde haired woman next to him, had helped him up. She reattached his skis then re-gathered his hat and poles still laying scattered in the snow further up the mountain. He looked adoringly into her eyes while gently stroking her arm, and she leant in to share a tender kiss. They continued laughing at the tales, poured back the cold beer and crunched on the nachos as they enjoyed the après ski debriefing.
I sat alone in the bar supping my beer surrounded by the occupants of the booths either side discussing their own tales of the day.
In the next booth along with ski shoes hanging off the wall, I heard them discussing plans for tomorrow. Off for a ride with the Huskies, a short ski then a meal at the Chinese. To the side a TV flashed with images of the ice hockey. The Calgary Flames centre slipped past a defender, then flashed in the puck to the side of the keeper to make it 4-2 against Vancouver. A couple of the locals clapped in celebration.
I drank more beer and continued playing with my phone, checking the news and the weather forecasts in an attempt to block out the normal happy couples surrounding me.
“Chris, come over!”
 I wished Christopher, whoever he was, would get a move on as the noise was disturbing my thoughts.
It had been a strange day for my eighteenth birthday. I had spent it on the slopes at Lake Louise in Canada. I had plenty of stories to tell of my own day’s skiing as well; carving down the slopes, cutting up snowboarders and doing my first mini jump. I had been in Canada for a month, and in that time I had gone from complete novice to good skier. My newly strengthened body through the vampire formula and from time training with Thorn had meant I learnt quickly. My instincts and senses had radically improved through the three vampire formula needles I had injected. The formula gave me the power of a vampire for the night. However, after the effects had worn off I had grown more powerful in my human form. I had grown taller, more muscular and my senses improved each time. It was as if the vampire formula had stretched my limits and I could never return to my original body. The psychic powers came along last as a vampire, but some of it still remained in human form. Just the odd snap-shot or detection of emotions. Not major mind-reading like Thorn, or my vampire self, but I wasn’t your normal eighteen year old either.
During this time, Thorn had insisted I kept up my vampire training even with the additional exercise of skiing nearly every day. We still sparred a few nights a week, and she sent me down to the hotel gym to use the weights, and the cycle or treadmill. On top of the physical training, I continued to enhance my computer skills by trying to hack into the databases of the Hunters and the military research centre that had  held Thorn prisoner. I hadn’t breached it yet, but the practice had improved my skills; allowing me to create false identities and records to cover our tracks.
 “V, get over here I have been calling you,” Thorn’s psychic voice interrupted my thoughts.
I looked up across the bar at Thorn. She had toned down her dress sense after fleeing England. She wore faded blue jeans, black calf boots, and a grey sweater. Her raven tousled hair was swept back and tied in a knot. A time and place for everything and trying to fit in, she had said, but she still stood out with her sky blue eyes and skin flawless like white silk. She could wear a sack and still be the most attractive woman in the room. I was a lucky man.
She waved me over, from where she stood engaged in conversation with a smartly groomed couple in their early thirties, dressed in expensive designer label après ski wear.
“Chris! Come over!” Thorn shouted across the bar once again.
Oh, I forgot that Christopher Lee was my new alias. Thorn had chosen it as my new public name, but the meaning had been lost on me. She had to explain that Christopher Lee is well known for playing Dracula in horror films. She does like to mix the fact with the fiction. I couldn’t go by my vampire name of Vengeance, or V as Thorn called me. It wasn't a name for public consumption. My real name, Jonathan Harper, couldn’t be used either as I was a wanted man by the police in the UK for eight killings - seven killings as a vampire and one as a human, when I killed Barry McGown. I had kept count, but wasn’t sure for how much longer I would. When Barry died, I imagined and believed Jonathan Harper also died that day, and that I, Vengeance, had been born instead of Jonathan. Only after fleeing England did the remnants of my true identity come seeping back into my conscience. I remembered my real name and my past life. Flash backs in my sleep, dreams of stabbing Barry in the stomach and defeating the hideous monster he turned into. I woke up many times thinking it was just a dream, only to open my eyes and see Thorn, my vampire lover, and remembered the truth.
I took a few large mouthfuls of beer and sauntered over to Thorn and the smartly groomed couple. Thorn opened a welcoming arm and shepherded me into her side.
“Here he is at last, you were lost in a dream world over there,” she said.
The man stood six foot tall with blond floppy hair and grey blue eyes. He wore a smart red fleece with jeans and brown shoes. The man looked smug and arrogant delighting in his position of being my elder and he believed himself to be considerably better. But he didn’t know what I could do and what I had done.
The woman was dressed in the same red fleece, accompanied with white leggings and black boots. Her blonde hair in a long bob and face covered in makeup. She raised her overly plucked eyebrows and offered a surprised smile as she looked back and forth between Thorn and me. The normal reaction. Thorn's stunning beauty turned the heads of both the sexes. Back in London the amazed look had been more pronounced, but my own changes and appearance now began to turn a few heads especially with young women. My eyes were turning an icy blue, and I had developed a strong jaw line, defined muscles and broad shoulders.
“Sorry, Tracey, I think my mind was still on the slopes,” I replied to Thorn.
Thorn, like me, had an alias for everyday life. Her alias was Tracey Horn, T. Horn, Thorn. A little play on words that amused her and allowed for mistakes.
“You should have seen him fly down those slopes. Only been doing it a few weeks as well,” Thorn said, entwining her arm into mine and smiling.
Thorn had been good to her word and after eliminating the last gang member, Barry McGown, we had left London to travel. She had asked what I would like to do first. Skiing, I had answered. I had lived near a snow dome in Leeds and been occasionally, but had always wanted to be able to do it properly on real snow. So, first stop was Canada: Banff and then Lake Louise. Thorn had been there before and the Canada winter suited her delicate skin condition - strong UV light could make her burst into flames. The ice cold temperature meant everyone wrapped head to foot in ski gear, hats, goggles, masks and anything else to block out the cold, and for Thorn it also meant it blocked out the UV. That combined with a hefty slap of sun block and a dose of cloud cover, meant Thorn could venture out and take to the slopes on the occasional days, or late afternoons.
Unfortunately that day, my birthday, it had been too sunny and I had spent my birthday mostly by myself. I wasn't allowed to make friends with any of the other skiers or snowboarders due to my wanted status. Also Thorn didn't know it was my birthday either. I hadn't told her, I couldn't see the point of celebrating my birthday with someone who had over seven hundred of them.
“What runs did you do?” the man asked.
“Started off on the blues and threw in a few black runs at the end of the day,” I said.
“Really! Already?” the man replied, eye brows raised as he stifled the shock in his voice.
“Yeah, he did. He’s a very fast learner. Plus he had an excellent teacher,” Thorn said, laughing.
“Yes. She is good,” I added, and put my arm around her waist and squeezed her gently towards me.
Thorn giggled and knocked back her vodka and tonic.
“I haven’t introduced you yet. Chris, this is Markus and Janine,” Thorn said.
“Please to meet you,” I said, and stretched out my hand.
I gently shook Janine’s hand as she weakly offered it. Then Markus tried to exert himself by placing a firm hand shake, but I replied with a stronger grip than he anticipated and he retracted his hand back, his face flinching at the unexpected pressure.
“Markus is a banker,” Thorn said.
“Oh,” I replied, and I instantly knew the plan without any psychic communication between us.
Thorn had received some bad news on some investments following the bank crashes and had spent an evening cursing. She then got herself involved in a number of bar fights in the nearest town to relieve the pent up rage. I guessed Markus offered revenge by proxy.
“Yes. I know what people think, but not my fault. We have all suffered. My bonus was slashed in half this year. I only got £100k. As a result we had to come here for our annual ski trip instead of Cloisters,” he said, sipping at his red wine.
I shook my head and tensed my jaw to control an outburst. I would enjoy tonight.
“So what do you do?” Markus asked, with a smug look on his face.
“Oh, Chris is a multi million pound business man through phone and tablet games development,” Thorn answered for me.
“I am?” I thought.
“Yes, you are,” Thorn thought back.
Markus’ whole body deflated; he had been out gunned financially as well.
Markus had that arrogant air bound to him. He had an attitude that said I was born into a better class than you. I bet he never went to an inner city school and suffered constant bullying. He probably went to a private school, his Daddy got him the job in the city through his connections at the gentlemen's club. Life was so easy for people like him. Yet he still complained about his bonus while the country dived into recession and people lost their jobs and homes.
His blond hair flopped across his face as he barely contained a small snarl as he glared at me.
“He thinks he is better than you. Are you going to take it?” Thorn's words psychically spoke to me.
“You do it if you want his blood,” I replied.
“It’s part of your training.”
“You’re being lazy.”
“Just do it,” she snapped back into my thoughts, “I want to watch. People think vampires suck the life force out of people. We have nothing on bankers.”
Why not, he was annoying me anyway.
“Problem, with that?” I asked, returning the glare.
“err.. No,” he said.
“Seemed like you got a bit annoyed by the fact I was better than you.”
His forehead frowned and lips straighten for a split second, then he returned to his smug grin.
“You are not better than me,” he replied, flicking back his blond floppy hair.
Janine's nose wrinkled in disgust and her arm wrapped around his for back up.
“Oh. Is that a challenge?” I asked.
“What, oh grow up boy,” he said.
“Put your toy boy on a leash,” Janine said to Thorn.
“He does as he likes,” Thorn snapped back and faced up to her.
“I saw the way you two were looking at my girlfriend. You thought you could pick her up for a threesome,” I added.
“No, we did not,” Markus said, looking aghast.
“Why, what is wrong with her? She’s much better looking than that horsey bitch you are with,” I said, delighting in the game.
“Nice one,” Thorn thought to me.
“How dare you speak to us like that you jumped up little nerd,” Markus shouted and threw his drink into my face.
I wiped it off and Thorn held me back. Markus had started to show his true colours.
“Not in here. Outside,” Thorn said.
“It will be a pleasure to show you how a real man conducts himself,” Markus said.
 We had attracted some attention. The waitresses had paused with hot snacks and cold drinks balanced on trays. The customers had stopped with cutlery half way to their mouth's and glasses half raised, only the sound of the ice hockey game on the TV filled the void of sudden silence.
Markus and Janine stood to one side and gestured us through with ironic good manners. As Thorn and I marched outside, I sensed him sweeping up a bottle and following us quickly from behind. As we approached the door I focused my senses expecting the bottle to be swiped at the back of my head any second. We went through the door into the cold and the bottle came. I span out the way and stepped inside his blow and judo threw him out onto the snow. Janine launched herself onto my back scratching at my face and howling like a banshee. I threw her over my shoulder, dumped her hard into the ground and stepped over her. Thorn would take care of her as she doesn’t like me hurting women, but had no problems doing it herself. Thorn twisted the handle on the door to the bar and shoved a bench against it to prevent any interference.
Markus rolled over in the snow smashing the bottle and stood back up to face me. I had no vampire formula in my blood, just normal human blood.
He sliced the air with the broken bottle just inches away. His face seethed red and spit snarled through gritted teeth. He lurched forward swinging the bottle back and forth in front of my face.
I flashed back to that dark night with Barry, when I confronted him for the last time. I pictured him slashing the air with a knife, and our struggle on the muddy ground until I won through my rage. Defeated he revealed the truth about his involvement and Scarlett's betrayal. I had then repeatedly stabbed the knife into his stomach until the blood slicked onto my hands.
 I lost my concentration as I relived the final moments of Barry's life. I slowed for a second, then Markus slashed across my front. The jagged bottle sliced open my left hand as I instinctively shoved it out to defend. I jumped back watching the blood dripping out staining the snow red. The cold air bit into the wound and I gritted my teeth. It should have slowed me down and made me cautious, but the memories of fighting Barry triggered an urged to fight.
Markus smiled, encouraged by drawing first blood, expecting the young boy to run off scared. He cut the air between us, jumped and swiped again. I kicked snow up into his face, pirouetted around his side with my arm spinning in a back fist connecting clean onto his jaw. He dropped forward into the snow like a dead man. I turned to Thorn who held Janine around the neck forcing her to watch.
“Is that it?” Thorn said.
“Yes, it’s what you wanted.”
“I wanted you to take your time and make him bleed and beg. I wanted him to apologise for ruining all those people’s lives.”
“Well, say so next time. Let’s go.”
Thorn flung Janine into the wall knocking her out cold, then ran and scooped up her meal taking it into the woods behind the bar. I left her to it and walked down the side streets weaving my way back through dark alleys and icy covered paths. I could hear the sirens getting closer as I moved through the streets, then saw a flash of blue down the main road as they screamed off to the bar.
 I headed back to our car which had been parked at the back of a supermarket about a mile away from the bar. Thorn would feed and catch me up, and then we would drive off. Everything had been packed and placed in the boot, but she hadn't let on to our next destination.
I sat in the car staring at the lights glowing out from the supermarket illuminating the late night shoppers, who were wheeling full trolleys of goods out to their cars. The car had been parked at the back in a dark corner away from the security cameras and other passersby's.
It was a strange way to celebrate an eighteenth birthday. If my life hadn't changed, due to the encounter with Thorn and the vampire needles, I had planned to be out for a special meal with Scarlett. May be the next day a small celebration with my Dad. Hopefully lots of cards and presents from my relatives. The truth was I spent most of my birthday alone, and I couldn't even let on it was my birthday as it would have raised too many questions.
A few minutes later Thorn arrived at the car. She opened up the driver's door and climbed in.
“Feeling better?” I asked.
“Much, thank you,” she replied, her cheeks and lips shone red with a post meal glow.
“So where next?” I asked, hoping she would finally reveal the details of our next location.
“As it's your birthday I have a surprise.”
“You knew? So where are we going?”
“Of course I knew it was your birthday. We are going to Vegas and a vampire convention.”
“Cool. Real vampires?”
“Not normally, it's for fans of the genre. However, we are meeting a real vampire there, a man called Cassius. He will give you the answers you crave about the history of the vampires. He will help us take our vengeance against the Hunters and discover the truth behind the formula.”
“Excellent, let's go. I can't wait to meet other vampires,” I responded eager to get to Vegas.

At last the answers were coming.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Truth of Vengeance - Update

The first edit completed and returned for review. Good news its finally coming together. I have commissioned someone to do the cover art and have finished the book description.

 I will do a sample chapter and book cover reveal soon, once the book is near completion.

In the meantime, here is the book description:

"On the run from the Hunters after taking his deadly revenge on Barry, V must adapt to the truth. He is no longer the innocent little boy, Jon Harper, but a hybrid human-vampire, a killer.

He craves answers about vampires and why he was betrayed by the ones he loved.  Another vampire, Cassius, holds the truth about vampires and they arrange to meet.

The truth that he discovers is far more unreal than he expected, setting him off on a journey to uncover the whole story. He must unravel what really happened in England in order to make sense of the dark path he chose. Everyone and everything isn't as it seems.
Thorn and the vampires are even stranger than he thought."

Friday 1 May 2015


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Saturday 14 March 2015

How time flies

It has been  nearly a year since my last post, and I still haven't released my sequel 'The Truth of Vengeance'.:(

I said before it is going through editing. During which time I have refined the book and expanded it, Which meant it had to return to the editing stage again. However, it was worth the extra effort. The sequel expands the vampire world and pushes Thorn's and Jon's relationship further. The truth about vampires and the hunters are revealed.

Also whilst waiting for the editing, I started a new book and finished another outstanding project.
Both of which may have added to the delay.

All three books I plan to release over the course of this year or earlier next year.

As I said before, if you want the chance to win a copy of "Truth of Vengeance:Vampire Formula #2"
Then contact me 
I will be giving away copies as part of the book launch.
Those that have already contacted me are in the draw.
Plus sample chapters will be available and a cover reveal.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me and asked about the release date.

Thursday 1 January 2015

The Birth of Vengeance - Sample Chapter

Sample from a chapter in "The Birth of Vengeance"

Reviews from and amazon

"Strong characters keep the story going from start to finish with plenty of twist and turns throughout. I can’t wait for the next in the series."

"It is such a refreshing change to read a vampire novel that is different from the standard novel. This is no "Twilight" and as such is so much the better for it."

"I didn't think it was possible to come at the vampire genre from a new angle any more, what with the numerous books already out there. However Paul Ross has managed to do this and has created an interesting and intriguing story.”

“Definitely a fresh twist for a vampire story.The premise of the whole story is very interesting. It isn't like your usual vampire novel which is mostly heroine-centric and romance-driven.”


Anger consumed my every thought. I’d lost everything and realised what I’d done to Giles not just on that day, but all those days afterwards when I didn’t talk to him. I tried to justify it all this time that I had done the right thing, looked away on that day and looked away every day afterwards as well. My mind raged, and images of Subject X flooded back.
“Blood and anger,” she had spoken into my mind.
I remembered the image of her, in her true form, a terrifyingly beautiful vampiric rage with blood red eyes, contorting muscles and snarling fangs, smashing at the mirror that separated us. My mind was made up. I had nowhere else to turn. No one else who could help. I didn’t want to be scared anymore, and I didn’t want to be a victim anymore. Things had to change. The formula would either kill me, or offer me vengeance. I didn’t want to end up like Giles trying to kill myself. At least by taking the formula it would give me a chance. Either way this would end tonight.
I knew where the gang hung out at night, at a park in the centre of town. Scarlett and Mary had told me to avoid it at night. After what had happened with Scarlett, I left college early and ran home to prepare myself. I removed the needle from the suitcase, placed it on top of my stereo and turned on some loud and dark music. The needle vibrated slightly as the bass shook the room, and I grabbed a change of clothes from my wardrobe. I took off the clothes I had recently bought when I tried to be more like Scarlett. When I tried to fit in with the crowd by being more fashionable. I dragged out of the corner of the wardrobe the dark and dingy clothes I had worn on that first day at college. I had returned to the same person when I had moved to London. Dirty frayed and ripped jeans, army boots, black t-shirt and an old beaten up black leather jacket. Then I realised I was actually better off as the person on the first day of college, life was much worse now that I had found love and been betrayed by her, and viciously beaten, humiliated and bullied at college by my peers. The music blared out into my room and the song, “Charlotte the Harlot,” came on. I sang along changing the words to, “Scarlett the Harlot.”
It started to get dark. I turned the music off, slipped the needle into my pocket and stormed downstairs. I slapped some peanut butter in between two slices of bread, as the sunlight faded through the kitchen window. I slipped out to the park, occasionally feeling my pocket for the needle and munching on the makeshift sandwich.
The park resided on the edge of a rough area, and I knew I could get into problems just being there, let alone looking for trouble. I walked along the pavement at the side of the road that ran along the edge of the park, and found a tree to hide behind. I leant behind it taking glimpses of them in the playground area. Scattered around the park I saw their bikes and skateboards they had dumped on arrival. The playground area was situated right at the back next to a pocket of trees and fence running all the way down the back. Houses on either side of the park enclosed it in, with just the route across the grass to the pavement and road as the only way in and out.
Their dark hooded figures wandered about, as the car headlights occasionally lit them up. They sprawled out around the playground equipment. Two on the swings, one sat at the bottom of the slide, two on the table facing the swings and one walking about talking on his mobile phone. They occasionally got up, passed around the drinks and smokes, threw empty cans against the railings and flicked out cigarettes onto the grass. Their faces lit up from using their phones and the beeping of text messages bounced about to one another. Barry sat on the swings, rocking back and forth, as he dragged on a cigarette and his mountain bike leaned against the playground railings. The others congregated around him and deferred to his presence, making it easy to spot him. They were all there and most importantly the ones who attacked me, Barry, John and Tony. All the time my hand rolled the needle up and down my palm. I knew I only had to plunge it into my arm, and I might have my revenge. I could storm across that park, with fangs snarling ready to rip their bodies apart.
Yet, I still couldn’t do it. I had always looked the other way and hid from trouble. Anger and rage had forced me here, but in the cold night air and the sight of the brutal gang members my real nature took over. I was a coward. The truth was the fear of it killing me held me back. I didn’t know for sure what would happen if I took the injection. It might not even be the formula but some other drug. Even if it did work, was I really ready to be a murderer?
Just then, Barry finished his cigarette and jumped over the railing onto his bike. He cycled off out of the park, and I dipped behind the tree. I turned back and watched for a couple more minutes, hoping he would return when my phone beeped.
“Call her,” the message read from Mary.
I wanted to apologise for hurting Scarlett, but the image of her with Barry still burnt my eyes. Every time I closed them, it stared back at me taunting and laughing. It was worse than the mugging, the bruises were healing but her betrayal would never leave me. I realised how Giles felt about me when I betrayed him. Even if I could speak to him now, I doubt he would want to. I looked up from the phone and Tony and John started heading towards me. Those two again! Tony with his long stride as his clothes flapped about unable to cling to his slight frame. John walked muscularly with intent and his face scowled as he pumped his large muscles. Time to go. Maybe in a few days I could forget what Scarlett had done and try to rebuild our relationship. I could forgive her and hoped one day Giles would forgive me. I would hand the needles back to Dad and try and forget ever seeing the beautiful vampire.
I turned to walk off, but I walked straight into someone standing behind me. Barry’s big face grinned as he head-butted me on my bruised nose. I clutched my hands up to protect it as fresh blood ran out, and I staggered backwards from the pain. Hands grabbed at my arms twisting them around my back and turning the wrists over themselves. Pain shot through my arms, and Tony and John manhandled me around and frog marched me back to the playground area where the rest eagerly awaited.
Why did I come here? I should have known it would go wrong. Why couldn’t I just take the injection and have my revenge?
Barry followed on behind and occasionally smacking the back of my head.
“Watching us boy, do you want more? I have got some plans for you if you enjoy making films.”
Tony and John threw me into the waiting clutches of the rest of the gang.
“Tie him,” Barry commanded.
They pushed me down onto the floor, in amongst the cigarette ends and empty drinks cans, and pushed my back onto the metal fence railings. They used their belts to tie my arms to the fence. I felt the damp floor soaking into my trousers; it stunk of beer and urine. I felt nauseous, wet and scared. It was going to be another beating, but probably even worse than before.
Barry walked in front of me, crouched down and looked me straight in the eye.
“What do you think you’re up to?” he asked, slapping me around the side of the head.
The rest of the gang laughed as a pack.
“Why you here?” he asked again more aggressively than before.
He punched my chest and the air burst out leaving me breathless.
“I don’t know,” I answered pathetically, not able to give a proper answer.
“Consequences new boy. You date my girlfriend and hang about watching me and then things get worse.”
He punched again.
“Scarlett was fun. Isn’t that right boys?”
The rest started laughing again and making vulgar gestures with imaginary women.
“Check him.”
Andy rummaged through my pockets throwing its contents in front of me. Wallet, phone, keys and needle. They grabbed some of the stuff each and Barry picked up the needle.
“What the hell is this for?”
I just looked at him not sure what to say. Barry nodded at Andy and he punched me in the face, and my head banged off the railings.
“What … is … it … for,” Barry said again, but slowly this time as if I didn’t understand the question.
In my bruised and dazed state, I said the first thing that came to mind.
“Diabetes,” I slurred out of my damaged mouth as my head spun.
Barry threw it to the floor and went to stamp on it.
“NO,” I shouted desperately clinging on to my only hope of surviving this ordeal.
Barry laughed, “Why?”
“If I don’t get my injection I could die.”
Barry paused with his foot above the needle.
“It would be murder, that’s a big step,” I said.
Barry stopped grinning, put his foot back down away from the needle, picked it up and walked over.
The next words just blurted out.
“I need to take it in two hours’ time not now. It would work but would make me feel sick.” I lied.
“Like what.”
“Stomach ache and loss of bodily control,” I added for extra effect appealing to his nasty side.
“What, wet yourself?” he laughed.
“Eeer, no, no,” I looked away sheepishly with my best acting.
“You do don’t you. Well, get ready, here comes the doctor,” he said kneeling in front of me, while the others pulled up the sleeve of my coat and shirt.
I suddenly changed my mind, scared of the consequences either way. Death by unknown formula, or turning into a murderous vampire. I shouted at them to stop.
“No, No, please don’t do it; you will regret it,” I shouted but they laughed not understanding my protests were for their own protection.
Barry stabbed the needle in without ceremony and then pushed the formula into my blood stream. He stood up and stepped back with his hand clutched around his phone ready to film again. The fluid mixed in with my blood and the changes started, the genetic formula reassembling my DNA into its new code. Explosions fired across my body, and I shook violently as my muscles and flesh contorted as they spasmed into their new alignment. My heart raced trying to keep the blood flowing into my altering body, feeding it the fuel to change. The puncture mark on my arm shrivelled away, and the flesh glowed red with a burning heat that flooded across my entire body. The violent shaking made it look like I was having a fit. The gang started laughing again, and Barry’s face erupted into a malicious grin, excited to be capturing it for future enjoyment. My heart thumped harder and harder into my chest. I breathed heavily trying to pump the oxygen into my muscles, as they struggled to hold onto their shape. It became impossible to keep going, as the momentum tore my muscles and flesh apart. Pain seared through my limbs and I strained at my bonds, muscles tensed and red with blood gushing, as it carried the catalyst from the formula. I began hyperventilating, trying desperately to ride out each surge of pain and fear. But my heart seized, spasmed and pain shot down my left-hand side. My chest felt like it was collapsing and crushing my heart. Finally, imploding in on itself. I screamed as the burning flesh and heart attack took their toll, and everything went dark. My eye lids dropped shut. My senses shut down totally and I drifted off into a black silent world. Peace at last. The formula had solved my problems. I was dead. I didn’t feel pain anymore or had to worry about revenge or love.
It didn’t last. 


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