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Vampire Formula Series

Vampire Formula Series

I Want Vengeance Book #0
The Birth of Vengeance Book #1
The Truth of Vengeance Book #2 (In development)

I Want Vengeance (FREE)

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Book Description:

"I have often tried to pinpoint the events that set me on this bloody path. When did the dark seeds of my vengeance get viciously stamped into the mud of life and watered with blood to sprout fang and claw?

Many of the key events are obvious, but there are others that played a crucial part. My mother dying when she gave birth to me is an obvious event, and my father working for the government in genetic engineering is another.

However, one day existed when events occurred in parallel that undoubtedly led me to this dark place."

This short story is a prequel to the "The Birth of Vengeance," and the beginning of a vampire series of books.

The Birth of Vengeance (Vampire Formula #1)

Available on Kobo, Sony, iTunes Hero's Break - P.A Ross, Smashwords, Google, Diesel, Barnes & Noble, and others  &

Book Description

You've been beaten, bullied and betrayed but vengeance is at hand. One swift stab of a needle and a vampire formula will coarse through your blood giving you the immortal powers of the vampire for the night. Your fangs will bite and claws will rip at their flesh. No human will stand in your way. You will taste blood and feel the thrill of the hunt, but tomorrow you will be human again and able to enjoy the sunlight.

But can Jonathan Harper resist such temptation?

This isn’t a paranormal romance of girl meets boy vampire, but the relationship of boy meets ultimate bad girl vampire, Thorn. What happens when the roles are reversed?

This dark urban fantasy series embarks on an action packed adventure, as Jonathan must face the consequences of his decisions. Is Thorn his dark heroine or his eventual death?
“The Birth of Vengeance (Vampire Formula #1)” is the first novel in a series of new vampire books.

The Truth of Vengeance (Vampire Formula #1)

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Sample Chapter

Book Description

"On the run from the Hunters after taking his deadly revenge on Barry, V must adapt to the truth. He is no longer the innocent little boy, Jon Harper, but a hybrid human-vampire, a killer.

He craves answers about vampires and why he was betrayed by the ones he loved. Another vampire, Cassius, holds the truth about vampires and they arrange to meet.

The truth that he discovers is far more unreal than he expected, setting him off on a journey to uncover the whole story. He must unravel what really happened in England in order to make sense of the dark path he chose. Everyone and everything isn't as it seems.

Thorn and the vampires are even stranger than he thought."

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