Friday 1 May 2020

The Enemies of Vengeance: Vampire Formula Series 3

The 3rd and Penultimate Book in the Vampire Formula Series has arrived

The Enemies of Vengeance: Vampire Formula Series Book 3 by [P.A. Ross]
Published 30th April 2020


V and Thorn have joined in Union, King and Queen of the Vampires. But the honeymoon must go on hold, as V needs to settle an old score back in England. This is a chance to finish off the O’Keefe family for good and regain his confidence after the horrendous tortures at the hands of the Hunters.

While visiting Leeds, his best friend from school, Giles, confronts him and vows vengeance for his betrayal. V knows one day they will fight and that one of them must die. How can he kill his best friend? A friend he did betray. A friend he did abandon.

Meanwhile, Thorn finds other vampires to join her army. The new recruits reveal the startling history of the vampire war, and V faces a deadly rival for his position of King.

Friends become enemies and enemies become friends, as the battle lines blur in this penultimate book in the series. Continue on this dark adventure and download today.

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