Tuesday 2 February 2021

The War of Vengeance - Vampire Formula 4 - an Update

Update 21st October 2021- the book was ready in April but I have postponed the release. I am writing a series of accompanying materials. I want to ensure all the events tie together and are consistent and then release monthly.

A trilogy of short stories giving insight into critical events in the Dragan History.

These will be released after the 4th book as they hold spoilers. But they will follow the vampire formula series numbers

The Rise of the Dragans - Vampire Formula 5

To avoid spoilers, it should be read after 'The Truth of Vengeance' Vampire Formula 2

The Fall of the Dragans - Vampire Formula 6

Should be read after 'The Enemies of Vengeance' Vampire Formula 3

Becoming Thorn - Vampire Formula 7

Should be read after 'The War of Vengeance' Vampire Formula 4

The Shelter

A standalone series of events that tie together the worlds of the Vampire Formula and the I am Fury Novel, setting up a wider story universe.