Friday 26 June 2015

The Truth of Vengeance - Vampire Formula #2

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Sample Chapter

Book Description:

On the run and in the shadows, the life of a killer is bleak indeed. Jon Harper is no more, and the soulless shadow he has become lingers in the darkness, craving solace and answers.

In order to make sense of his past and the creature he has become, V must seek out another vampire, Cassius. With his dangerous lover and sole companion, Thorn, by his side, V must venture into the unknown in an attempt to make sense of his actions.

So what is the truth behind vampires? What is the purpose of this dark, strange and destructive creature V has become? Will the truth set him free—or is his salvation shrouded in shadow as well?

Dive back into the heart of darkness in P.A. Ross’ dark fantasy series Vampire Formula in this all new thrilling sequel that will leave you thirsty for more. Embrace the darkness and grab your copy of The Truth of Vengeance today!

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