Sunday 20 January 2013

Vampire Formula #2

Vampire Formula #2 "The Truth"

I am in the process editing and layering the story. So far very happy with it. I think its going to be even better than the first book.

The theme of the book is the search for the Truth. Most of the unanswered questions in first book will get answered in this second book. I am introducing a range of new characters and expansion in the vampire world. I am expecting to publish late 2013 due to finishing off my 'Wrong Time, Wrong Place' series of books. Along with second book, I will release a free prequel set two years before V and Thorn meet.

Want to the chance to win a copy of "Truth of Vengeance:Vampire Formula #2"
Then contact me 
I will be giving away copies as part of the book launch.
Plus sample chapters will be available and a cover reveal.

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