Tuesday 6 March 2018

I Am Fury - 5 Star review

Just wanted to share with you all the great review I recieved.
I was very happy how the review picked out the key points of the books, which I hoped would make it enjoyable to read.



Random spirit said...

Any news about the upcoming books?

P.A.Ross said...

Thank you for asking.

I am writing Vampire formula 3 at the moment.
title "The Enemies of Vengeance"

Also with the draft of the final book along with it to ensure everything ties up.
Vampire formula 4 "The War of Vengeance"

Random spirit said...

Thank you kindly for the response, is the ETA still by the end of 2018?

P.A.Ross said...

Hmmm. May be. I have a draft version and I editing it at the moment.

Eli said...

When are the next books of vampire formula coming out?

Unknown said...

I am well into the editing process. I am hoping before the end of the year. Would you like to get advanced copy?