Friday 24 May 2013

Halloween Party

A new story in the Wrong Place, Wrong Time series

Product Description - Halloween Party: Wrong Place, Wrong Time #2  
Sarah Hargreaves is walking through the emerging dawn streets after another night’s work, when she is bundled into the back of a van by six figures dressed in black. She is taken to an underground location, where she is interviewed by a smartly dressed woman and a man from a secret organisation. They have one question:

‘What really happened at the Halloween Party three weeks ago?’

Sarah is forced to retell the terrifying truth. She is an experienced member of Dark Watch, an organisation set up to eliminate the threat from the creatures of the night. On the hunt for a vampire cell, she and her new boyfriend get an invitation to a Halloween Party – the Vampire Special. She suspects that humans will be lulled to their deaths. What happens at the party surprises even her. Who is her new boyfriend?

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The whole series can be viewed on this blog

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