Sunday 2 June 2013

Wedding Anniversay

A new story in the Wrong Place, Wrong Time series

Product Description - Wedding Anniversary: Wrong Place, Wrong Time #3 
Hiding in time a superhero, Subject Zero, enjoys the delights of the Wild West; the women, the drink and the fighting. After another night of fun Zero is alerted to the presence of another time traveler who has sought him out across time and space. The traveler is his wife he hasn’t seen for fifty years. She has come to remind him it's their Wedding Anniversary. They discuss old times together and make plans for a reconciliation in the future.

Zero is happy, until a massive time disturbance breaks the peace and Zero and wife are forced to reveal their true powers to the inhabitants of the Wild West town.

This story is the third in the series 'Wrong Place, Wrong Time'

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The whole series can be viewed on this blog

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