Tuesday 17 May 2016

Book News

New book on the way  - "Vampires Vs Aliens"


Guess what it is about?

It is due to be published for the 16th June 2016.
The book will only be available from amazon for the first 6 months.
It will be on the kindle unlimited subscription and I will make the first 2 days FREE.

I have been working on this book in the background between other writing. This year I set aside time to finish it off.

I hope you will all enjoy reading it. It was quite a challenge to think how these two worlds could collide.

In the forth coming weeks I will publish the blurb and the cover via these pages.

This should be 1 of 2 books I will publish this year.

The second is called "I am Fury".
Another supernatural and paranormal story with new characters. More later.

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