Tuesday 17 May 2016

Vampires Vs Aliens

Product Description

A fragile truce exists between Human and Vampire.
The peace brokered by Damien Argent; ex-SAS Captain, ex-Slayer Leader and currently the Vampire King for thirty years.

But Aliens arrive and with it the opportunity to win the feuds between humans and vampires, and internal vampire factions.

The first contact is soon realized to be an invasion by the alien empire.
For Humans and Vampires, it's 'better the devil you know.'

The Humans and Vampires with other supernatural forces of Witches and Werewolves, must come together in a dark alliance to save the planet.

Vampires Vs Aliens: Dark Alliance, is a mash up of when the worlds of science fiction and supernatural collide.

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Anonymous said...

Is this series in the same world as "The ___ of vengeance." series. If not, any news TBA.

P.A.Ross said...


It's a different world. A stand alone book. I had to finish this book and another called 'I am Fury' before getting book to the vampire formula series. I do know what the story will be as already mapped it out.

However, 'I am Fury' is in the same universe but different characters and different events.


P.A. Ross

Tania Kline said...

Thoughtful blog thanks for posting.